This is a Trane air conditioner with the louvered panels removed.   It had been neglected for many years.  The fan motor quit on a
Saturday when it was 90 degrees.  This plugged coil  was probably the cause for the motor failure.  The picture on the upper right is
what it should have looked like.  Besides the expensive repair, this air conditioner was costing a lot to operate.
This is a hi-efficiency air filter that was the result of a emergency "No Cool" call in the middle of August.   It was completely stopped up.
Customer didn't know they had an air filter.  A new filter is pictured upper right.
This is a blower motor that quit at 2:00 am on a cold winter morning.  What the picture
doesn't show is the dirt that was packed inside of the motor.  The blower wheel was also
plugged full of dirt.
Why do I need to have my equipment serviced?
Most emergency service calls could be prevented with routine maintenance.
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